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Horizons EPCOT Center ~ 30th Anniversary ~ Musical Score, Loop And Remix Tribute ~ (HD) ~NEW~ DISNEY


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Added by Horizons1 in Future World Epcot


This Advert-free, 'one of a kind' 'Horizons Loop And Remix Tribute' was created to show how beautiful the music was in this lost magical attraction! The narration and dialogue between the characters is magical in itself, but I wanted my viewers to ride through this attraction and listen purely to the music. The soundtrack for the ride is one of the best that Disney has ever created and it reflects the positive and optimistic look of an amazing future, which can be heard in this music!

This attraction showed what our lives will be like in the near future, with desert farms, floating cities and colonies in space, showing around 35 different, separate scenes, with different music, all through the ride. When people rode this attraction, on average only 30% of the rides music would be heard. This 'Horizons Loop And Remix Tribute' was created to allow people to hear more than 100% of the rides audio. This is because, not only is there every track in order, but I have looped all the tracks at least 3 times! I have also synced all of the tracks together for the best listening experience, and also slowed down some of the original soundtrack for any of those people out there who would like to listen to this wonderful soundtrack when trying to get some sleep!

This 2 hour music collaboration was tuned up and modified to the best of my ability and I hope that you will enjoy listening to this, as much as I did creating it!

So thanks for celebrating Horizons 30th Anniversary and I hope you enjoy!

'If we can dream it, We can do it and that's the most exciting part!'


Entrance 'If We Can Dream It' (00:00)

Entrance 'If We Can Dream It' + Futureport (00:47)

Futureport (01:39)

Futureport + Load (04:59)

Load (06:36)

Transition Tunnel (09:48)

Early Inventions (11:33)

Early Inventions + Jules Verne (12:58)

Jules Verne (13:42)

Jules Verne + Robida Flats (17:11)

Robida Flats (17:54)

Robida Flats + Robida Flats TV Set (20:02)

Robida Flats TV Set (20:49)

Art Deco TV Set 1 (21:58)

Art Deco TV Set 1 + Neon City (22:55)

Neon City (23:45)

Future City (24:30)

Omnimax Entry Tunnel (25:40)

Omnimax Entry Tunnel + Omnimax Theatre (27:50)

Omnimax Theatre (29:00)

Omnimax Theatre + Omnimax Exit Tunnel (30:26)

Omnimax Exit Tunnel (30:50)

Nova Cite (31:20)

Nova Cite + Desert Farm (34:25)

Desert Farm (35:36)

Desert Farm + Desert Habitat (37:39)

Desert Habitat (38:49)

Nova Cite + Desert Farm + Desert Habitat (39:53)

Sub Repair Room (40:57)

Sub Repair Room + Undersea Classroom (43:02)

Undersea Classroom (44:10)

Undersea Resort (46:22)

Outer Space (49:38)

Outer Space + Space Colony (52:46)

Space Colony (53:54)

Space Colony + Health and Recreation "Floating Puppy" (55:59)

Health and Recreation "Floating Puppy" (57:07)

Health and Recreation "Floating Puppy" + Main Shuttleport (59:11)

Main Shuttleport (1:00:20)

Crystal Lab (1:02:28)

Holophonic Birthday Party (1:05:43)

Choose Your Tomorrow Select (1:07:52)

Choose Your Tomorrow Simulations (1:09:55)

Alternate GE sponsorship track ''Sparkly'' (1:11:39)

Unload (1:18:34)

Horizons ''Full Area Music'' (1:20:30)

Epcot ''Full Area Music - New Horizons'' (1:34:15)

Horizons At Night! - (1:35:12)

-A Slowed Down Version Of The Original Soundtrack. This is perfect for anyone trying to get to sleep!

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